SEO Link building techniques

Link Building Techniques for SEO Beginners

April 05, 2021

Link building is the process of directing various websites to your website or web page by creating hyperlinks that direct to it. Whenever users click on these links, they are directed to a different webpage. This can be any page for which the link was made to direct the visitors. These links are an essential part of gaining a higher rank in Google. Link building works by creating as many backlinks as possible. Backlinks are hyperlinks that redirect visitors to a specific website or a webpage. If the browser finds a bunch of links directed towards a certain website it will regard that website among the best match results and display it in top results which is the desired result for link building efforts.

There are two main goals behind all link building strategies:

  • Helps rank your website better; and
  • Direct more visitors to the site

How to Do Effective Link Building for SEO?

Link building is necessary for effective SEO. There some tips that will show you how to develop effective link building techniques and boost the results of your link building strategy.

Here are some effective link building strategies to consider:

1. Link Building via Content Marketing

Link building through content is the most effective form of creating backlinks. For content link building to work, a link builder needs to create a lot of content such as blogs and articles which contain links to the landing page of the website. This content can be published on-site as blogs or off-site as articles. There are several free websites where these blogs and articles can be published with either do-follow or no-follow links. All content must be of top quality and without any plagiarism to offer maximum benefit.

2. Infographics Creation

Sharing infographics in blogs is a relatively older technique but still adds value to your link building strategy. It helps generate organic traffic and can bring 36% more quality backlinks to your website without putting in any substantial effort. This means you cannot afford to neglect this perfectly good link building technique.

3. Link Building via Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way of creating backlinks. According to the stats provided by Hubspot, businesses that use guest blogging in link building techniques gain 97% inbound links and 55% site visitors. But this amazing rate of success requires solid link building effort where the link builder has to contact other bloggers online to request permission for posting along with a link to their website. A site with a better ranking offers more value for the link placed on it.

4. Gain Resource Links

The leading sites sometimes compile lists of useful content or websites for a specific niche. This practice is among the 15 known traffic-generating types of content. Many authority websites such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Jeff Bullas, and Social Media Examiner have a resource page on their website. You should get in it as it will boost your visitor rate.

5. Broken Link Building

If you do not have the time or resources to generate quality content to rank the website and drive traffic, you should try and leverage existing links that are broken. Find links to blogs or articles that no longer work and ask the blogger to replace that link with one pointing to your website with relevant content. This is mutually beneficial as you gain a backlink and the blogger gets to remove a broken link from their site.

6. Replicate Competitor Links

All online businesses and websites have competitors that are performing better in the SERPs. If you would match their progress and ultimately excel in it, you should replicate their links. There are many free and paid tools to find high-value backlinks that are boosting your competitor’s websites. You can analyze all the best-placed links of your competitor’s website with these tools and make a list. Once you have the list where your competitor’s links are placed, add yours on those sites too.

7. Link Round-Ups

When it comes to effective link building techniques, people tend to focus on getting backlinks and refrain from giving them back. Link reciprocity can go a long way to improve your website’s rank. This is a huge mistake as sharing links from your site to other websites and blogs can spare you from being penalized by Google. This networking of links is necessary as well as a great way to show appreciation to fellow bloggers by promoting useful content.

8. Link building Through Community Sites

A lot of people remain hyper-focused on the highest quality link building i.e. high ranking do-follow backlinks only. But the benefits of profiles on natural backlinking platforms with editorial and followed links to top DR websites should not be overlooked. Various message boards, forums, and websites like Reddit and Quora are ideal for a community-based link building strategy. These links are mostly no-follow that are read by the crawler but do lead it to your website. Still, whether the community sites give do-follow or no-follow links, the profiles offer great value to your SEO efforts.

9. Link Reclamation

It takes great effort to create worthy links, especially the do-follow ones. But it is a fact that over time, some of those links will be lost. This is something that happens to everyone and simply cannot be avoided. There are two main reasons for this; the link is removed by the owner of the page or the page with the link does not exist anymore. It is easy to find the lost links using tools but it may be a bit more challenging to restore them. For the lost links where the entire page has been deleted or the link got removed by mistake, the only thing you can do is ask the site owner to put your link on some other page. However, if the link was deliberately removed, nothing can be done.

A link building expert incorporates all of these techniques in his effective link building strategy to gain maximum advantage from combined SEO efforts. Missing out on any of the highly effective link building techniques would cost you some great backlinks and their benefit to your website.

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