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Consumers’ first stop is often Google when looking for information, product, or service. Our Google Ads management solutions are affordable, dependable, and proven to grow businesses with impressive marketing results.

Search Ads

With our comprehensive PPC management solutions, rest assured that your business is found on search engine result pages. Once you take advantage of our search ads solutions, expect more visibility, more traffic, highly interested prospects, and detailed analytics.

Display Ads

Unlike search ads, display ads come in graphical formats. Our Google Display Ads services ensure that your ads are not limited to appearing in one play. Your ads are displayed across different websites so that they are directly in front of your target audience.

Video Ads

Video is king in digital marketing! We can help you to create promotional content that plays after, during, or before the streaming content. Once we have successfully made your audience tune in, brand awareness will drastically go up.

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads include rich and relevant product information which directs users straight to your product pages. We will help you manage, organize, and optimize your Shopping Ads using robust benchmarking and reporting tools.


Through our professional remarketing approach, targeted ads are efficiently served in front of people who have visited or taken action on your business site. We ensure that you will reap all of the remarketing advantages, increasing your profits.

Get Results that matter to you

Let’s make your Google advertising successful. We are highly committed to managing your Google Ads account by targeting the keywords that drive buying customers to your website.

Website Visits

Capture more leads and generate more sales with Google Ads that effectively direct people straight to your website.

Get More
Phone Calls

Keep your phones ringing with Google Ads that features your business phone number along with a click-to-call button.

Increase Website
Leads & Sales

We help you get more leads and convert them into buying customers through effective Google Ads management services.

Measure Your

Be informed with a detailed and accurate performance report at the end of each month and what to expect next month.

Our range of other optional digital marketing services

Search engine Optimization

Our SEO solutions help you connect with potential customers without spending on ads. Our search engine optimization experts utilize modern SEO strategies combined with the best digital marketing practices to ensure increased traffic and rankings to generate more leads.

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Facebook Ads Management

Besides building an online following, our Facebook Ads management also helps increase brand awareness, improve lead generation, and drive revenue. We offer an all-in-one Facebook advertising solution, from creating efficient strategies to monitoring the ads’ performance.

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"We have been working with Ganesh for a couple of years now and are very impressed by the results. Hatchberries has kept our company on the top spots in Google and I highly recommend their SEO services."

Ben Van Der Westhuizen
Cometline Consulting, Australia

"Hatchberries has created many websites for us and their communication, follow-through and development knowledge is far better than the other agencies we have worked with."

Deepak Josey
Days Group, Chennai

“Ganesh and his team did a fantastic job helping us with getting our logo designed to creating our new website. They also provided valuable advice on which social media channels to use.”

Shyju Puthiya Veetil
Aeroglint, Kochi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads refers to the online advertisement program on Google, allowing you to create ads to search consumers who are interested in the product or service you offer. They focus on keywords, where advertisers pick a list of keywords relevant to their business offerings. Google ads also include search ads on the Google search engines and video ads on Youtube.

With Google Ads, business owners have an effective way to drive qualified and relevant traffic to their websites when consumers look for the type of products or services their business offers. Maximizing the impact of ads and campaigns is straightforward. Advertisers determine which campaigns work best for a specific business and where to make some improvements.

Google search ads are a very straightforward process. Suppose you own a souvenir shop that makes personalized gifts on different items. You made tumblers with “Happy Mother’s Day” sayings on them that you want to advertise on Google.

Once people search for tumblers online on Google search engine and type in “mother’s day gift,” their search will then trigger your ad to appear in the search results’ sponsored section. If the ad is craftily created with compelling text and high-quality images, the searchers will click your ad. Then, they will visit your website, take some action, and purchase.

Google Shopping Ads refer to the product ads that appear in the Google Search results. They are referred to as Product Listing Ads (PLAs). While they do not appear in the Google standard search results, you can see them on the Shopping tab, Google Display Network, YouTube, price comparison shopping apps and service, and search partner websites.

If you want to have successful Shopping ads, ensure to do the following:

  • Create the best and most relevant content through optimized product feed.
  • Build a campaign structure suitable for the desired control level while getting the best from Google.
  • Get clear reporting data to ensure the proper growth decisions and optimization.

Shopping Ads are popular among advertisers and useful for shoppers; Google has extended their reach. In other words, you have better opportunities to reach more buyers.

The Google Ads cost varies based on several factors, including your geographic location, the competitiveness of your industry and keywords, your advertising campaigns’ quality, and more.

Feel free to contact us to know about how much you should have to spend on Google ads to achieve your business goals. We ensure that you can take advantage of our services at reasonable costs.

Google Ads and SEO focus on helping businesses increase their relevant traffic on their website while getting more leads that convert.

While they both help your business reach more customers and grow online, they still differ from each other.

Take a look at the comparison below:

  • To run Google Ads you need to pay Google the advertising fee, while you do not pay to Google for SEO.
  • Google Ads only generates traffic based on the campaigns’ duration, while SEO generates traffic continuously.
  • Google Ads place ads in search results and other partnership and Google-owned websites, while SEO places your links only in search results.
  • Google Ads offers faster results, while SEO’s results take time.
  • Google Ads track analytics and ROI immediately, while SEO’s analytics and ROI tracking takes time.

Letting an agency manage your Google Ads account gives your business an edge over your competitors. An agency may not replace your institutional knowledge, but they have all the critical insights that you don’t. In return, you will have a symbiotic relationship.

The agency has a dedicated Google ad managers who ensure that your account is on the right track. Aside from having an ongoing source of growing revenue, the Google ad managers continuously optimize your ads to improve the click-through-rate and ROI. Additionally, you can try the latest methods that your competitors may have not access to.

Unlike other Google ad agencies we provide a fixed monthly pricing for our Google Ads management service depending on your industry, targeted number of daily leads/sales etc. This helps you to not limit your Google ads budget and get better return on investment.

Contact us so we can provide you with a custom fixed monthly pricing based on your business goals.

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