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Facebook & Instagram are the most populous social media platforms today and if tapped properly could bring you huge business. We will equip you with the right tools and solutions to create an edge over your competitors.

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Drive Sales, Enquiries & Registrations

Our advanced targeting solutions ensure that you target the right people at the right time with the right message in the right place. In return, driving ROI-positive results is a lot easier.

Beat Competitors

As a leading Facebook marketing agency, we ensure that you get in early and grab the best opportunities where your competitors slack.

Increase Awareness

With relevant, engaging, and attractive stories, video, and photo ads, we provide you the best opportunities to connect with people who are still unaware of your products, services, or brand.

Find New Customers

Already have an existing customer base and want to increase the numbers? Through our Facebook advertising solutions, you will have the most effective method to scale your business into new territories and locations.


Do you have tons of site visitors but do not take any action? Our Facebook ad managers will help serve ads to your website visitors and chances are more that they might return to your page and buy from you.

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Achieve More Sales with Facebook Marketing.

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Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook offers tons of benefits to your business, and we will help you reap all of them. Through Facebook ads, you have the power to target and reach your target audience effectively.


Without ideas and strategies, it isn’t easy to be successful at Facebook advertising. With Hatchberries, you have it all covered. After we get to know about your business, we will develop a solid plan designed for accomplishing your goals.

Goal Setting

In every advertising campaign, measurable goals play a critical role. These goals will help you track your business’s progress and success. Our team of social media specialists will help set these realistic and achievable goals that support your marketing objectives.

Creation and implementation

Our clients are happy with our services because we always deliver engaging and unique images & videos on their ads. Our ad specialists carefully create unique and relevant ad copies based on your business needs and target audience.


Transparency is essential in Facebook advertising. That is why we always keep you updated about the performance of your Facebook ads. You will get a performance report at the end of every month, which includes all critical data.

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Happy clients with whom we have worked together to help redefine the possibilities of digital engagements.

"We have been working with Ganesh for a couple of years now and are very impressed by the results. Hatchberries has kept our company on the top spots in Google and I highly recommend their SEO services."

Ben Van Der Westhuizen
Cometline Consulting, Australia

"Hatchberries has created many websites for us and their communication, follow-through and development knowledge is far better than the other agencies we have worked with."

Deepak Josey
Days Group, Chennai

“Ganesh and his team did a fantastic job helping us with getting our logo designed to creating our new website. They also provided valuable advice on which social media channels to use.”

Shyju Puthiya Veetil
Aeroglint, Kochi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Advertising is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow a business. Facebook advertising refers to the distribution of ads on Facebook & Instagram social media platforms to the targeted audience set by the advertiser. It helps generate leads and sales and creates loyal customers. With Facebook advertising, campaigns are easier to track than ever. You have a chance to gain an instant influx of traffic.

If you want more targeting options such as age, interests/likes, regions, towns, income bracket, job title, and other demographics, taking advantage of Facebook advertising is one of the best decisions you can ever make. It gives you the ability to reach consumers early on in the buying process.

You can use images and videos in Facebook ads to capture the interest of your target audience. That way, you can quickly sell your products or services. Plus, you have complete control over the daily budget.

You can choose from different Facebook ad formats depending on your advertising needs and goals. These formats can affect the placements where your ads will appear. Below are the different types of Facebook ad formats to choose from:

  • Image Ads: One of the best ways to capture the attention of your market is by using an engaging image of your brand or products.
  • Video: If you add short videos to your ads, they will look more eye-catching in the news feed and could get more engagement.
  • Instant Experience: This format visually highlights your product, service, or brand. It refers to the full screen experience that opens once your ad is tapped on a mobile device.
  • Carousel: This ad format displays up to 10 images or videos, and each of them has its own link.
  • Collection: It features different products and enables the customers to visually browse, discover, and purchase products from their mobile devices.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms that enable you to share content, drive engagement, and build connections. Facebook ads let you reach a wider audience at a very reasonable cost. Plus, you can turn Facebook users into followers and buying customers while still marketing to them.

Below are other reasons why you should consider advertising on Facebook:

  • Most people have Facebook accounts, and most of them access it everyday.
  • Facebook advertising cost is flexible.
  • You can target specific Facebook users based on age, interest, region etc.
  • Facebook Ads are easy to create and set up.
  • You can take advantage of retargeting solutions.
  • You can make use of improved analytics and reporting tools to optimize your ad campaigns.

Working with a Facebook ad agency offers tons of advantages. You have access to a team of social media experts who helps you save time since they perform all the tasks, including ad campaign creation, management, and optimization.

A Facebook ad agency is equipped with all the essential tools, skills, and experience necessary for creating a successful social media campaign. They promote a strong execution process to ensure the best results and prevent any potential issue. They meet the critical requirements in a Facebook ad, including building the campaigns, targeting the right audience, designing ad content, and writing ad copies.

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